Friday, June 24, 2011 | 7:03 pm

The Wedding Prayer

Create in us a love, O Lord.
An eternal love …
Your love.
A love that forgives
any failure,
any distance,
any tempest.
Create in us a love, O Lord.
A new love.
A fresh love.
A love with the tenderness
of a lamb,
the grandeur
of a mountain,
the strength
of a lion.
And make us one. Intimately one.
As you made a hundred colors into one sunset,
A thousand cedars into one forest,
and countless stars into one galaxy …
make our two hearts as
Father, forever …
that you may be praised, Father,

From Shaped by God (original title: On the Anvil)
Copyright (Tyndale House, 1985, 2002) Max Lucado

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011 | 10:58 pm

True Love Truth #5

You don't just give the best,
you must also accept the worst.

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Saturday, January 08, 2011 | 7:44 pm

True Love Truth #4

There are 2 questions not to be separated.
1. Is he the best for me?
2. Am I the best for him?

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Thursday, December 30, 2010 | 4:36 pm

The Not-so-fairy Tale (edited)

I edited this piece today... the 1st version was filled with errors I'm truly ashamed of!!! Well, I hope that this time there's not that many :D By the way, the story was also updated. The ending was supposedly something happy... something like... he made it to the door or he found her finally. But, I decided to keep it open-ending to relate to more damsels, dainty or not-so-dainty... *grin.

The Not-so-fairy Tale (edited)

A dainty damsel locked herself in the tower. She went out once in a while, to answer when the Great King called; to slay dragons and to save minions - for dragons exist to devour, people like us, people like her.

The first lad came knocking at her door. A very young guy with great spirit and sense of humor. But someone said, "I don't think she's there." He waited and waited, till he couldn't wait another minute. Time and distance brought him away, or perhaps he never meant to stay.

The second one stood outside. Sheepish and shy, no ride nor stride. He didn't dare to knock harder, thinking that she wouldn't bother. He walked away without words to say. Nothing was left of him, nothing was worth remembering.

The third one knew his strategy, as he decided to approach her door and set her free. He observed and said all the right things, to have her come out saying, "Come on in". Yes, into the tower she let him in. But he wasn't ready to stay. In a blink of an eye he went his way.

The fourth one said hello like a friend, but it was not exactly what he meant. Casual, caring, and warm. She opened the door when he came, but he was mistaken as merely... a friend.

The fifth one was there to save the day. Charming, handsome, and all ready to win some. He knew the trick and there he was, making his way without a fuss. Until someone said, "This is not going well." So she opened her door again, only to let him leave in vain.

One of the five returned from his journey, came to find her among the many. To pick up pieces left behind, start anew with forever in mind. But what seemed like it was meant to be was never made for eternity. In the end, it just withered away like yesterday.

The sixth lad arrived late, or rather too early. The vacant room still stored memories of her last adversary. It had caused her a battle wound no one could cure. So he chose not to wait, left the heart of it unsaid.

People come and people go. So she began thinking, she started pondering. Are all the men out there the same? They would try, but they don't give it all. They would knock, but they can't answer the call. They would stand, but they'd refuse to fight; don't even mention the word sacrifice. Was she not worth the fight, was she not worth the while?

Oh... that doesn't matter, to her I whispered. All is good. All is well. All is perfect in its time. You need not a brawny knight, nor a prince on a white horse ride, to define who you are and who you aren't.

And the fingers of time kept turning and the past kept fading. The scar remained, but not the pain. No longer was she expecting for a knight to come knocking. But there he came, the seventh one back then. Hoping he could be the last, worked too hard but scared he was. "Will I ever make it? Will she ever accept it?" he asked. Until the wind blew the chance away to a place too far from today.

Yet this time around, the ground was all too familiar. The set wasn't all that peculiar. She kept her calm, kept her smile glowing. Happy to be inside the tower waiting. Always prepared when the Great King call her, in those times of need, those finest hours. To slay dragons and to save minions (for dragons exist to devour people like her). Surely as the sun will rise, a help will arrive. A knight will come to fight alongside. He'll come knocking at her door again. This time, incessantly. This time, to stay. This time, for eternity. This time, won't fail.

(Love fails not.)


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Monday, December 06, 2010 | 1:18 pm

Faith or Just Imagination?

Both can make you do all the impossible things, but just imagination alone will not get you far.

Imagination is blind to reality.
Faith is not. It finds new way to see things differently.

Imagination distorts your view.
Faith adjusts it and lets you see beyond the problem.

Imagination ignores difficulty.
Faith turns difficulty into opportunity.

Imagination comes out from frustration.
Faith is born to patience.

Imagination is passive.
Faith is active. It acts according to its belief.

Imagination is wishful.
Faith is hopeful. It ignites new strength.

Imagination follows your own will.
Faith follows God's. It never strays from His words.

Imagination does not depend on anyone.
Faith trusts God even when it's not possible.

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| 11:55 am

Less traveled, less taken, the narrow road...

Test your work, accomplishments, and your priorities. If you think they will burn into ashes in fire, so they will in the day of your calamity (and perhaps even before that). And thus, so undeserving they are to pursue at the expense of your relationship with God, your family, faithful friends, and the Kingdom.

Mat 6:33 speaks about what's eternal. Set your priorities right.


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Wednesday, December 01, 2010 | 2:35 pm

True Love Truth #3

In a selfish world, you expect a partner to take-in your anger, your complaints, your grief, and all other emotional trash. But your true love would rather come home with just the story and the lessons to learn, leaving the trash outside the door to throw away.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010 | 3:33 am

True Love Truth #2

Other men search the whole world to find the one,
but true love would search only one to find his whole world.

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